l’ironie du sort à la manière de Bukowski

a famous actor died yesterday
world knows him as “chandler”
he could hardly watch the show
“I can’t, I can always tell what I’m on..”
11 months ago he told he had
written an inspirational book for addicts
“– extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
machine, doctors called it the “hail Mary”,
4 others attached to it died before sunrise and
i had 2 % chance to survive that night,
but i did, why me, i would ask later,
then i´d just vomit on my respirator..”
i listened as he plead for recognition
“the other 5 never had to suffer like this,
it’s unfair,” how he vowed that
“fame, and the money and the pool never
made me quit” and I believed him, sort of,
and finally, 11 months ago he was sober
after 30 some years of opioids, cocaine, & booze
after 6000 meetings and 9 million dollars,
he was clean
“I want to help others, I know I can,”
11 months later his heart gave in
he was found in his pool

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